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Quartet at Ledbury

Another half-yearly update, nicely bookended by a January poem in The North and a July poem in Magma – my thanks to all the editors involved: Ann & Peter Sansom at the former; Isabelle Baafi, Ilya Kaminsky, and Lisa Kelly at the latter.

Also in July, I had the pleasure and privilege of reading and listening at the truly wonderful Ledbury Poetry Festival alongside (from left in the photo) Greta Stoddart, Elaine Beckett and Gill Barr, aka Quartet. Our event, The Power of Endings, was a one-hour rewrite of last year’s two-hour Exeter Literary Festival finale. We enjoyed it immensely and, speaking for myself, Ledbury has won a place in my heart. My thanks to all of you who turned up in person or on Zoom as well as to my fellow poets, and of course to Artistic Director Chloe Garner and Production & Communications guru Becky Shaw who work so hard with such stunning results. If any other poetry festivals out there would like to feature us, we are planning the next stops on our tour.

Finally, despite now having a full-time job, I continue with Inner Room (contact me if you’re interested in our National Poetry Day event) and am considering who to approach with my first collection.

Posted on 16th July 2022 at 17:43