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Poetry & Prayer: a workshop

It doesn’t have to be the blue iris…
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I am delighted to be running a workshop this National Poetry Day on behalf of the Parish of Central Exeter. It will be held at St Stephen’s Church, High Street, Exeter, from 10am to 4pm on October 3rd – booking is essential. The theme for National Poetry Day 2019 is Truth and this workshop, grounded in the truths we find in prayer, was inspired by Mary Oliver’s poem, ‘Praying’.

The day is designed for people who are new to writing poetry and it is also suitable if you’re an experienced writer who would appreciate some writing time. The day will start and end with a 10-minute service of worship but you don’t have to be a Christian to come. There are seven spaces available.

The plan is to offer you time and space to try out lots of different writing exercises, explore (in as much privacy as you want) your own experience of writing, consider what makes something a poem rather than prose, think and talk about the creative process, and hear and be inspired by some great poems about praying. Towards the end of the workshop there will be a chance, if you want to, to share something you’ve written or any feedback about the day, but there will be no pressure to do so.

We’ll collect donations for the Parish of Central Exeter – – on the day (but will also ask you for one if you cancel with less than a week’s notice).

Please feel free to email with any other questions you might have, to check availability, or to book a place.

Posted on 9th August 2019 at 16:51