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Only by Reading It

WoA2016bWhat a privilege it was for me to read from Only by Flying in the Scottish Gliding Centre (SGC) clubhouse at Portmoak earlier this month. Launching from the site and flying above nearby Loch Leven had been the inspiration for the pamphlet’s opening poem, and several more of them were inspired by, written at or edited at Portmoak. The audience of glider pilots really ‘got’ the poems and was hugely attentive and kind: not least in buying up pretty much my complete stock of pamphlets in support of Walking on Air, the gliding charity that enables people with disabilities to soar like birds. Between us, we raised more than £100. So a long list of thanks is in order. Firstly, this very obviously staged photo shows WoA chairman Andrew Gordon and I: thank you to Neil and to Donnie for letting us use the Grob 109 as a prop. Thank you, too, to SGC and WoA, especially to Andrew, Bob Petrie, Peter Clayton, Pete Benbow and John Williams, for making the reading happen. Thank you to Nell Nelson, Christine McMillan and Wendy MacPhedran for your moral support. And finally, thank you to everyone who attended for such a warm welcome, for your appreciative listening and your insightful comments afterwards. It counts as one of the most enjoyable readings I’ve done. If you’d like to know more about Walking on Air, or would like to donate, you can contact them here.

Posted on 17th July 2016 at 21:41